Vendor Directions – Summer Market

Directions and Instructions to get the the Market’s Site

2021 marks the year when the Downtown Camrose Market moves from 49th Ave to the Main street (50th) giving us more space, more exposure & more fun for everybody.

In order to provide you with a smooth & orderly process which will make your arrival a pleasant [almost] experience (as much as setting up can be pleasant :-).

Don’t let the arrows scare you, the gist of it is;

  1. There is ONLY ONE entry point. The corner of 50 & 50
  2. It will be gated and volunteers will open the gate for you
  3. Please put an 8.5 x 11″ white sheet of paper with the word VENDOR filling up the sheet of paper either printed or written with a large felt. This will facilitate the flow avoiding volunteers to stop every car coming.
  4. For the rest, just use the directions (arrows) depending where you are coming from. Nutshell Do NOT use 50th st if you are coming from HWY 13 (48ave). You have to drive up on either side of it all the way to 50th ave or even 51st if turning into the market area isn’t your thing.
  5. Trucks & Trailers might find it easier to use 51th Ave to come in straight as the entry will be narrow due to tents.
  6. Arrival time for set up NO Earlier than 2h30

This year, we already have close to 20 more vendors than we’ve ever had on 49th Ave. In order to facilitate drop-off & prevent bottleneck, the flow will be 1. Enter===> 2. Find your stall. ===> 3. Drop your “stuff” (everything) ===> 4. Leave (north exit) ===> 5. Park ===> 6 Comeback & setup

A closer look at the Market location

Orienting yourself quickly

To better help you find your location, I have divided the market area into 4 zones.

The Street is divided into 2 main sections, North & South and the crosswalk is that separator. There is a crossing light and the street narrows significantly so it will be free of stalls.

  1. Zone A: North West is the entry point with Stalls 1-18
  2. Zone B: South West, stalls 19-37
  3. Zone C: South East Zone stalls 38-57
  4. Zone D: North East stalls 58-75

How and where to set up your tent(s).

The trickiest part will be to align your tent(s) properly

We can’t mark the middle of the street which is where tents will be set up

But thankfully the parking lines will serve us as guides. Each parking lines are just a few inches more than 10′ on the outside.

So what I need you to do is, as in the blue triangles show, align your tent with the white lines in front of your stall number

This will create a small empty space between each vendor.

Tents are in the MIDDLE of the street with 2 rows, vendors back to back. Zone A-B facing West. Zone C-D facing East. (Green arrows on the parking stall picture on the right.)