Single & Bulk Table Booking

For Vendors
Instructions & information below this table.

FOOD TRUCKS: You need to book 3 stalls per week.
Detached Food trailer: You need to book 2 stalls per week.

Vendors only!

Note: During checkout the right amount of discount will always be applied automatically.

Reserve your table(s) by selecting each week you want to come.

  • We ONLY provide the space 10’x10′
  • Stalls are $30/unit (see below for discounts)
  • Block of 5+ weeks/tables 10% off. $27 per.
  • Pay for the full season 19 markets for $484.50 instead of $570. gives yiou 3 free weeks
  • Stalls (week) must be pre-paid. No exceptions

You do not have to buy more than 1 week at a time but,

  1. We do offer reduced rates for 5 or more tables at $27 each
  2. We have a limited amount of space for food trucks (4)
  3. You MUST pay when you book. Your payment is your reservation. If left unpaid I will delete your booking so someone else can get in.

The Market  is a PRE-PAY market. We only reserve tables (spots) that are pre-paid. Your payment is your reservation. This site functions the same way if you were buying tickets for a show. It will automatically reduce the availability after each transaction. So you can see how many spots there are left for each week.

Once you have selected your week(s) click the small cart icon

If you have added 5 or more weeks/stalls you will see your discount automatically applied.

If you pay by credit card you will see card fees added for the amount 2.9% +$0.30